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Off The Market?

October 5, 2016

The job market that is.

Not the dating market.

Still single and available for dating.

Just not chasing anyone down and not asking for a date and not using a dating app or website or anything.

Just word of mouth.


Fuck I digress.

I had an informal interview today that was really basically an interview.

The referral was so strong I didn’t even bring a resume with me.

The mom I interviewed with has kids that go to the same private school as the family I currently work for, in fact, for the two families I currently work for.

I guess you could say we’re keeping it in the family.

The mom I interviewed with reached out to my current employer and asked after me.

I guess it was in the air.

I’m awful glad they did and I am really grateful that I was able to clear things with my employer weeks ago and start a dialogue about moving forward.

The mom that reached out for my services originally mentioned that the family was looking for 30 hours a week in the initial e-mail that was sent to introduce me.

Not enough.

And that’s exactly what I told her in a reply.

I’m looking for 35-40 hours.

She responded that she’d still really like to meet and I figured, sure, its practice and maybe there might be room for me to help them and my current family.


Maybe I won’t need to.

Once we had gotten ourselves settled down outside a little coffee shop in the Mission, I have a sidebar I want to put in here so bad, but I’m going to hold off for a moment, it came out that the family is actually looking for 35-40 hours.

Well hello.

We talked about school, mine, my obligations, my long-term goals.

It turned out she was softly feeling out how long I would want to be with a family.


As long as fucking possible.

I still have a year and a half to go on my degree, but 1,000s, literally, 3,000, hours of interning that I have to do before I can take the licensing boards and start a practice of my own.

I mean I’m still looking at a five-year process.

It takes time, but nothing worth having, I remind myself comes easily, there is always work to be done and the work put in makes the reward even sweeter.

She wants long term with at minimum a year commitment, in fact we did talk longevity spanning some years.

Dude, I’m so down for that.

We talked about family background, the family is European, and about how schools in Europe do things differently as well as maternity leave and how long they have it there versus the US.

The mom is pregnant and due in December.



Sagittarius baby.

I’m a December baby too you know.

The family is looking for a start in January.

I’m looking for a start in January!

They have two other children, 4 and 6, the same ages as the boys I work with now, in fact both sets of siblings have the other families kids in their respective classes at school.

The mom said she really didn’t need a resume from me, having seen me work with the boys, they have been over for play dates and although I cannot for the life of me remember the play date, I guess the mom had a really good memory of it.

Very flattered.

“Plus, sometimes you just know, and you are obviously so good with children, you sort of ooze it,” she said with a sweet smile.

Super flattered.

We talked about the five Fridays in the Spring semester I would be unable to work.

No problem.

The mom is part-time in her work, owns her own business, she’d be able to cover those Friday.


Dad is well.

Let’s just say dad is tech and leave it at that.

I’ll be signing a confidentiality agreement and a contract.

We absolutely agreed on both.

“I’m Trustline certified, plus M________ ran a background check on me before they hired me and also, my school has done a criminal back ground check–a requirement for starting my practicum….” I paused, man it’s nice to not have any shit out there.

The mom basically was like, yup, I know all that too.

I am pretty sure she’s had a few talks with my current employer, especially since they had a play date yesterday while I was with the other family I’m helping out in Noe Valley.


After a lot of talking, a lot of agreement on play, outdoors, adventures, schooling, my goals, etc.

We got down to it.

We talked compensation.

We talked holidays.

“Oh!” I said, I had almost, not quite, forgot, “I need to be transparent and let you know I just bought a ticket to Paris for May (7 month notice should suffice),” I said and gave her the dates.

“No problem,” she replied, “vacations are important!”

Oh my God.

We set a date for me to come over to the house and meet the husband and re-meet the two oldest children.

It was to be two weekends from this weekend-they family is going to be out-of-town.



I got a message from the mom when I got home thanking me for taking the time to meet and that they have decided as a family that they want to meet with me sooner.

Am I available any time sooner than the day we had settled on?

Oh damn Skippy straight I am.

I almost said let’s do it tomorrow!


I have commitments and I am helping a friend with a commitment as well, so no to tomorrow.  Really the only day I can is Thursday, but I said I could, absolutely and hey, I might be officially off the job market by the end of the week.

I sure hope so.

It would be really nice to have it wrapped up and not have any questions moving forward.

It would also let me give my current employers a really fat notice and maybe, just maybe I’ll schedule myself a little down time in between jobs, take a week off.

Celebrate the end of the semester and the beginning of a New Year.

Not counting my chickens until they hatch.



It felt really, really good, and I really like the mom.

I could have a new job lined up.


I’ll keep you posted!

Believe it.

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