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Signed, Sealed, And

November 7, 2015

Almost delivered.

But not quite yet.

My scooter, that is.


I bought a brand new scooter today!


So very excited.

And I paid all in cash.

Well, I didn’t walk in there with an envelope of cash, but I used my debit card, I don’t have a credit card, and I even was a good girl and alerted the bank to the fact that I was going to be making a large purchase so they wouldn’t put a hold on my account.

I did it all the grown up way.

Including asking for help from a friend and listening to my gut and waiting that little extra bit of time.

And putting a rear rack and basket on the scooter.

Which is why I didn’t take it right away.

Everything else was ready to go, including my insurance.

I got a hold of State Farm, they did my last policy, earlier this week and they got back to me with a quote and my agent called to follow-up this morning before I had even left the house.

His timing couldn’t have been better.

I told him I was about to be leaving the house to go out and buy the scooter and he told me to call him once I had the vin number and as soon as I gave it to him he formalized the quote, registered me, and then we charged it over the phone and I paid for six months in advance.

It was reasonable.

$268.54 for the six months.

I can’t argue with that.

While that was being set up my scooter was getting primed and ready and I kept looking at the racks on the wall.

That was the only thing missing.

So I asked how much a rack and basket would be and as it turns out Barry, the owner of Scooter Centre, offered it to me free of labor to install if I got it that day.

I decided to get it that day.

I unexpectedly got another $100 taken off the cost of the scooter as Barry had used the old “Vespa” for a commercial shoot.

Meaning a film company had gotten a hold of him and asked if they could rent a vintage Vespa for a shoot.  He was able to get some money for the rental and he took another $100 off the price of my scooter, so I turned around and invested in the basket.

I wasn’t able to stay and wait for the installation and so I will pick her up tomorrow.

Depending on what the surf is like, I may or may not get a ride from a friend in the neighborhood.

Or I may take MUNI again like I did today.

But when I get there.

I just roll out the door.

She’ll have her licence plate on her and a new rack and my motorcycle insurance went into effect as soon as I paid for it.

I had a receipt in my e-mail in box within three minutes of paying.

I could have ridden her home and I was completely in the clear.

It’s really nice having it all taken care of.

Now I just need to see if my housemate will let me park it in the garage.

She didn’t want my Vespa in the space, but I am hoping for a reprieve and some allowance.  There’s enough space, I feel, but it’s her garage, so I’m not making any assumptions.  If I can’t I’ll probably invest in a cover for the scooter.  I also bought a disc brake lock for the front wheel, so I can leave it outside. I would just feel better having it parked in a garage.

Less room for vandalism or possible theft.

And more protection from the elements.

I want to have a running ride as long as I can.

I still can’t believe that I actually bought it and insured it all today.

I even got stickers, decals, actually, gifted to me by my friend to put on the scooter.

So she’ll match my helmet.


I mean come on.

Why not.

I like a little dazzle and flash.

There’s also a motorcycle jacket in pink with silver piping in the mail.


Do you expect anything less?

Come now.

I’ll be rolling around on a grey shimmer Titan (that’s the name of the color of the Buddy) with star decals wearing a sparkle silver and grey helmet with stars on it while rocking a pink motorcycle jacket.


Pix to follow, I promise.

I’ve got a busy day tomorrow too.

Pick up the scooter.

Meet with a couple of ladies.

Hear a big inventory for a few hours.



I have to get my Therapeutic Communications transcription done.

Have to.

It’s, um, due tomorrow.


No pressure.

It’s not quite the same as writing a paper, so I don’t feel stressed, it’s really just a matter of sitting in one place long enough to get it done.  I figure two hours, three tops, and I should have it finished.  So after I hear the inventory I will do the transcription.

Aside from getting out to grab the scooter I will probably spend most of my Saturday here at home.

Which is alright with me.

I already feel like a got a huge, happy, warm start to my weekend.

Plus, I got to see my dear friend and go over to Corte Madera and see a lot of my fellows and do some service in that neck of the woods and run into some folks I don’t get to see very often anymore and that was lovely and cozy and good for my soul.

Followed up by a great sushi dinner and much conversation about the up coming trip to Paris.

My life rocks.


Who knew it could be this full and wonderful.

I am a very lucky girl.

In fact.

I may be.


Luckiest girl in the world.


November 1, 2015

And a prudent reserve.

A good conversation with a very smart friend.

Some soul-searching over sushi.

Oh my god.

So good.

Such good sushi.

I made sushi face all over the place.

“Don’t tell anyone about this spot!”  My friend exhorted me.

Mum’s the word.

And the realization that the discomfort I was feeling about getting a Vespa was about not having any prudent reserve left over in case of emergencies or life happening.


I have decided to go with the Buddy from Genuine Scooters.

Unfortunately, the Italia in avocado is gone, gone, gone.

Le sigh.

However, I learned something today, after having the fantastic sushi meal my friend and I decided to hop over to Scooter Centre and see what Buddy’s they had in stock.

I looked at the 170cc’s but none of them did it at all for me and for the cost, I might as well say, wait for the money for a Vespa.

And after talking with Barry and acknowledging what my needs are, I don’t really need that much power, I’m not going to ride the scooter over the bridges.

I am going to ride it to work and to do the deal and to school.

And how handy is it that Scooter Centre is literally a block away from school?

Pretty auspicious I say.

So I looked over the 125cc’s Genuine Buddy and I liked what I saw.

First, it wasn’t as bulky as the 170cc and I liked the color choices better.

I narrowed it down to black, mint green, and this silvery grey that has some sparkle in the paint.

Did you say sparkle?

Did you say, matches my helmet with the big stars on it?

Did you say glitter?



I’ll be getting the soft grey with shimmer and I will be getting her next Friday.

What with the money I received for writing the sonnets and the money I have in savings and the deal I’m getting, tax, title, registration, all out the door, brand new two-year warranty with road side assistance, and he threw in a disc lock for me, $3239.

I have enough!

I have enough!

I have enough!


I have some prudent reserve left in my savings too.

I will transfer the money out of my account tomorrow so that it lands by Thursday.

Then, on my day off, Friday the family will be in Indianapolis for a Bar Mitzvah, I will go down to the shop with my helmet and if I can find my gloves, my gloves, and if not, I buy a new pair, I like riding with gloves, really feels so much better, and my cash in hand.


No credit card.

No financing.

My hard-earned money.

I am over the moon.

I will be celebrating some poetry with my scooter.

Perhaps I will ride to the top of Twin Peaks and proclaim myself with a barbaric yawp of delight.

Poetic no?

I told you.

My scooter will be running on poetry, aka love.

It gets great gas mileage.

92 mpg.

Thank you very much.

Filling up the tank will be cheaper than riding the MUNI train.


The seat flips up and has a storage area underneath for the helmet.

Now I have to contact my insurance and let them know that I will be needing motorcycle insurance again.

And that’s it.

I don’t have to go down to the DMV and register it, Scooter Centre will do all that, tax, title, registration, brand new.

This will be my first brand new vehicle ever.

Motorized that is.

My bicycle was new when I got her.

My friend even suggested I could sell my bike, but I don’t think I will, I love her too much and I may want to have her in case I need to have a day of servicing etc on the scooter.

But next Friday!

Next Friday.

I ride.

I am over the moon.

And it feels right.

It feels right to not push myself financially and try to get a new Vespa, it feels prudent to get something nice that will get me around and do me for school and get me through the next three years.

I will be able to do so much more.

I’ll be able to get to some places that I don’t get to on my bike.

I’ll have more flexibility in my schedule.

It will be a great help to me.

And it will save me time.

Time I can use for school.

I did pretty damn well with my time today as well.

I got up an hour before my alarm, I knew that was going to happen, I just wanted to get some stuff done and I knew if I got up just a tiny bit earlier I would be able to accomplish some extra things in my day.

Like a little spoiling, I got a manicure.

And a nice hot shower this morning.

And some writing.

Which reminds me, I have to pop to the store tomorrow, I need to buy a new notebook, I filled up another notebook with my morning pages.

It was my Burning Man notebook, the one that I brought with me to the event.

I looked at the stickers I got there and my ticket to the event and flipped through a few entries.

So much has happened since then, and it was just under two months ago that I was there.

Things can change so quickly.

Especially if I allow myself a little flexibility.

And some fun.

I let myself do both.

I still got in a lot of reading, in fact all the reading I need to do to write the paper I have to write tomorrow.

It’s not due until November 4th, but that’s the middle of the work week for me and I just won’t do it like that, it will feel awful and rushed and I have commitments during the week that I need to make sure to get to.

So, tomorrow I write.

For I read today.

I also made pureed cream of broccoli soup with smoked bacon and a big pot of chili for my friend.

He who hauled me all over the city and helped me negotiate for the scooter and gave me suggestions and ideas and has been a great sounding board and also let me commandeer his couch while I read for school.

Plus, I got to snuggle with a cat.


Reading on the couch, a pot of chili on the stove, corn bread muffins too, the sound of college football on the tv in the background, the kids in the neighborhood trick or treating and the happy knowledge of making a decision to improve the quality of my life and get something that works best for me, plus doing the deal this morning and seeing my person at Tart to Tart.

I had a damn fine day.

Damn fine.

And I even got my helmet out of the closet and dusted her off.

I’m just about ready to rock and roll on a working scooter.

Over the moon.

I am.

Just over the moon.

Which is perfect since my helmet has sparkly glitter stars on it.


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