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Signed, Sealed, And

November 7, 2015

Almost delivered.

But not quite yet.

My scooter, that is.


I bought a brand new scooter today!


So very excited.

And I paid all in cash.

Well, I didn’t walk in there with an envelope of cash, but I used my debit card, I don’t have a credit card, and I even was a good girl and alerted the bank to the fact that I was going to be making a large purchase so they wouldn’t put a hold on my account.

I did it all the grown up way.

Including asking for help from a friend and listening to my gut and waiting that little extra bit of time.

And putting a rear rack and basket on the scooter.

Which is why I didn’t take it right away.

Everything else was ready to go, including my insurance.

I got a hold of State Farm, they did my last policy, earlier this week and they got back to me with a quote and my agent called to follow-up this morning before I had even left the house.

His timing couldn’t have been better.

I told him I was about to be leaving the house to go out and buy the scooter and he told me to call him once I had the vin number and as soon as I gave it to him he formalized the quote, registered me, and then we charged it over the phone and I paid for six months in advance.

It was reasonable.

$268.54 for the six months.

I can’t argue with that.

While that was being set up my scooter was getting primed and ready and I kept looking at the racks on the wall.

That was the only thing missing.

So I asked how much a rack and basket would be and as it turns out Barry, the owner of Scooter Centre, offered it to me free of labor to install if I got it that day.

I decided to get it that day.

I unexpectedly got another $100 taken off the cost of the scooter as Barry had used the old “Vespa” for a commercial shoot.

Meaning a film company had gotten a hold of him and asked if they could rent a vintage Vespa for a shoot.  He was able to get some money for the rental and he took another $100 off the price of my scooter, so I turned around and invested in the basket.

I wasn’t able to stay and wait for the installation and so I will pick her up tomorrow.

Depending on what the surf is like, I may or may not get a ride from a friend in the neighborhood.

Or I may take MUNI again like I did today.

But when I get there.

I just roll out the door.

She’ll have her licence plate on her and a new rack and my motorcycle insurance went into effect as soon as I paid for it.

I had a receipt in my e-mail in box within three minutes of paying.

I could have ridden her home and I was completely in the clear.

It’s really nice having it all taken care of.

Now I just need to see if my housemate will let me park it in the garage.

She didn’t want my Vespa in the space, but I am hoping for a reprieve and some allowance.  There’s enough space, I feel, but it’s her garage, so I’m not making any assumptions.  If I can’t I’ll probably invest in a cover for the scooter.  I also bought a disc brake lock for the front wheel, so I can leave it outside. I would just feel better having it parked in a garage.

Less room for vandalism or possible theft.

And more protection from the elements.

I want to have a running ride as long as I can.

I still can’t believe that I actually bought it and insured it all today.

I even got stickers, decals, actually, gifted to me by my friend to put on the scooter.

So she’ll match my helmet.


I mean come on.

Why not.

I like a little dazzle and flash.

There’s also a motorcycle jacket in pink with silver piping in the mail.


Do you expect anything less?

Come now.

I’ll be rolling around on a grey shimmer Titan (that’s the name of the color of the Buddy) with star decals wearing a sparkle silver and grey helmet with stars on it while rocking a pink motorcycle jacket.


Pix to follow, I promise.

I’ve got a busy day tomorrow too.

Pick up the scooter.

Meet with a couple of ladies.

Hear a big inventory for a few hours.



I have to get my Therapeutic Communications transcription done.

Have to.

It’s, um, due tomorrow.


No pressure.

It’s not quite the same as writing a paper, so I don’t feel stressed, it’s really just a matter of sitting in one place long enough to get it done.  I figure two hours, three tops, and I should have it finished.  So after I hear the inventory I will do the transcription.

Aside from getting out to grab the scooter I will probably spend most of my Saturday here at home.

Which is alright with me.

I already feel like a got a huge, happy, warm start to my weekend.

Plus, I got to see my dear friend and go over to Corte Madera and see a lot of my fellows and do some service in that neck of the woods and run into some folks I don’t get to see very often anymore and that was lovely and cozy and good for my soul.

Followed up by a great sushi dinner and much conversation about the up coming trip to Paris.

My life rocks.


Who knew it could be this full and wonderful.

I am a very lucky girl.

In fact.

I may be.


Luckiest girl in the world.

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