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October 18, 2015


Before the god damn internet goes down again.

I hate spending precious minutes trying to stand on my head in one corner of my studio to get online.


Here we are and I am going to make this short.

Because they deserve to stand on their own.


The Ten Principles



While you were sleeping—love came and went, dancing

A triple toe trapeze tango of adoration. Spinning fast

Her heart swinging on a curled pink ribbon of gewgaws, prancing

Feet tip toeing through the cold dust float flashing past

My arms. Aching to cradle you against sugar tit breasts,

I breathe deep into the mask of Universality, while the glowing

Moon eclipses the mountains, all calico decked slumbering beast

Pushing through purpled velvet haze—God, not crowning

Michelangelo, but breathing soft the hairs of strawberries, bent

Underneath the thumb pad of kissing desires, all the plump,

Soft, smooth, cooling wonder of marble, the pursed lips, immediacy

In this plush madness of moment and soul lifting exuberance.


Through the rooms filled with snow, her name went, Mathilde,

Participatory departed, like soft dusky punk pink roses on flushed

Cheeks. She chased the soul shadows like imagined butterflies, mild

With stupor across the lamplight of your lunar lit interior, hushed

To enwrap your sleep chilled fingers beneath warm curves.

She reached for you. Come with me, she whispered shivered lush,

Low, a mewling cry of desire complacent under groves

Of moon tinted shadow snow dunes painted grey blue, a thrush

Back, beneath the dewy breathe of my craving. While

I watch, wallflower like, the bent beat of my heart, harsh

Crying like wild geese at midnight flying the last mile

Blinded by the mechanic bleeding colors of erotic ash

Necrotic fallings from the sky, the embers of comets, blooming

Fireworks, which scatter, and sigh on the hot winds gloaming.


And she waltzed. Mathilda and her girls twirled past,

Leaving no trace of footprints, of fingerprints, on lost patterned

Hair ribbons in the shadowy fall of mourning. The last

Lowing calls of the mysterious night, a low howling of stranded

Knowing only too well, how you would awaken in this morn,

Love lost, stricken, wicked with unfulfilled longings. Dreams

Unremitted like dead stars still shedding old light. Mourn

With me this loss as well as the supple light streams

Sleeping. I scrolled my fingers along the nape of

Lion light emanating from your slumbering soul, hesitant

To lie next to you on that rumpled golden scruff—

I curl rather, at the edge of dawn, dredging determinant,

Retiring, restrained, stopped by the wry edge of self

My strivings and reachings pulling you down off the high shelf.


Wearing heaviest brocade skirts and rabbit fur muffs,

Civic responsibility for the bestowal of the velveteen jackalope kiss.

Betwixt crimson cantina of lust and the mixture of heat, the cuffs

Fall from my heart and I dance, bewildered and remiss—

Lost, forgetful, done in, brushing the butterfly pollen from

My closed eyes, like so much sleep crust, glitter sparkled

Down from above, the father of time, and the mother grim

The lost shoe in the dust. I blow freckled kisses, speckled

Across your neck, then collecting the very essence of you, a fragrant

Flower of night blooming remonstrance, all the wishes

Candles blown out and re-kindled, the fire a figment,

This small symbol dancing on the angels delicious

Bowed head—a corona, a sunburst, a nova flung

Forward. The Universe keens and I fall, wet, wrung.


They pirouetted on ice skates built of elk bone and mouse hair—

Communal effort of wilding animals, crawling from the horizon on tender bellies

Toward that dusty Bethlehem of Eros. Where the, delicate, the fair,

The chaste, the virginal, line up, nay, flounce up, to be lie

Your fingers. And like so much powdered sugar spun flung

From warm beignets, they scatter across the vast lakebeds

Flash frozen underneath the high heartless moon, they sprung,

Unlike Athena from the forehead of Zeus, out of caravans, their heads

Fragments of you, a scent bouquet I would later

Find hidden in my pockets, a sachet, a filament of you—

Relics, sacraments, the ghosting hand of help greater

Then the reality of nothingness in front of me. Dew

Shimmer, a mirage of mighty, mighty love that dissipates

On shrieking winds growling down upon lost participants.


Chuckling hot chocolate fogged breaths at your snuffling snores,

The radical self-expression of Freudian dream analysis travels

Across the night time playa in search of golden s’mores

To sandwich itself greedily with. Dusted cinnamon time unravels

From powdered doughnut holes. While you were

Wandering, lost, looped, kiting high on rings of smoke,

Tattered shreds of flowing embers flew up into the ether—

Plumes, signs, signets, signals of unconscious drives and love broke,

Intoxicated self with, when I walked this world

Alone. Reaching always. Searching always. Forgotten mementos,

Rings flashing over fingers, always grasping, only to then whirl

Towards dust devils which flicker through the ethos

Of conscious ego states. I am here. I am there.

I am nowhere. Time, oh time, precious, spills soft as heather.


Drunk on Frenet and ginger ale backs, while you were sleeping,

The radical self-reliance of ravens swooping through the air

High above the choke dust gathering, the digestive reaping

No benefit from the over consumption. I spit out fear and I care

Dream you into being. While you were sleeping I

Gathered my skirts high, hands balled into hard fists, tight

With the longings of bees heavy headed with pollen. Fly

Me to the flower of that moon. Take swift the night—

Drink your pomegranate wine and I will eat your honeyed

Self—a glance of lusted swooning infatuation, Psyche

To your Cupid, frustrated no longer, less the moneyed

Love of convenience. Moving together, bound on the aching

Heartstrings irrevocably tied to each other, a tangled

Tight rope of carnival carnality, a bloodied heart mangled.


I came and went, dressed in love’s trappings, cantaloupe

Colored decommodification, a dress built on the shimmering

Heat billowing below the desert mirage. An antelope

Gallops a head of me like a grey hound whippet, a glimmering

Song, the forest alive, to shelter you from the suns

Heart and the minds wanderings. I lean into this wind,

Surrendering again, let go, I whisper, the moisture falls

From my eyes, sea salt sorrow melts me. I am blind.

Black Mission figs for which I so hungered, yet I thirsted

First, always, only, for you. Unable to slack this need

I search endlessly, ceaselessly, across the white flats, bested

Only by ardent sensibilities, I watch you, this greed,

My unrepentant neediness, I cannot bear to sustain, yet always

I do. I shoulder you; ever beneath the binding suns rays.


Moon beams, raindrop garters, a shift I built on the

Gifting’s of iterant wanderers, silks, and sateen’s, cotton fine

As gossamer, the ghosted kisses of love, the lunar moth

Against the palm o my hand, the silvery star shimmer line—

Rays and the moon’s philandering’s. While you were

Walking with me, beside me, hand in hand, long legs flashing

Forward, covering vast ground, I had always walked, bare,

Alone, lifted on sparrow wings fragile looking, yet lasting.

For darling, while you were sleeping, I went a hunting,

A chasing, a twirling, a spinning, with my divining rod heart,

My palmistry set in my pack, my soul tucked in bunting

Baby rabbit skin, to find a place to nestle in, part

Dreamboat, part rowboat out at sea, likes a seedpod

Flouted from cattails, the dander of fairies, and the kisses of God.


Backward migrations of monarch wings, I opened wide

My arms, ardent with radical inclusion. I accept all

Your love. I prosper, now, underneath the dark side

Of the lunar landscape, I dance, ecstatic, and then fall

Sleeping, as the women came and went speaking not of

Dusty spires of ashen truths fallen along the way

Side, strewn in the ditches, lost like the tattered clothes

Of crumpled doll dresses. No. This day, my heart allay

To find a bunting to wrap my baby in. Fur

Languished with laughter, swaths of parachute skins

Colored bright as sugar spun sunsets over mountains. Stir,

Me, shake me, toss me, I float, my arms laden with sin

Full, replete, taken within, to the abandonment of loving

You. My gifted wild trumpeting, my Jericho blowing.


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