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February 27, 2012

Need a weekend from the weekend.  But I got almost everything done that needed to be done.  Then the blog, the blog, the blog, I forgot that it was time to make the donuts.  My whole head got mushy.

But I don’t want to write today mom.

Eat your broccoli!

I mean, write your blog.

I am afraid that what I have of interest is pretty dry stuff.  Guess what I researched today?  Shaolin?  Nope.  Although I did get a reply to my inquiry to the Eight Step Mantis school.  One of the sifu’s just sent me an e-mail.

Classes are $120 a month.  Maybe I’ll stick to biking for a little while yet.  Maybe.  The thing about the classes at this particular school is that I would be in conflict with my work schedule.  In fact, all the schools that interest me are in conflict with my schedule.  I may end up going the yoga route, the easier, softer, uh cheaper way.

No, what I spent a bit of time doing today was researching what it would look like to be an accountant.  I cannot even believe that I am interested in this, but there is something rather compelling about the idea.  It would be a career path I could follow.  I could check out some classes.  Maybe get a certificate in book-keeping.  More training equals more money.

I looked at City College and I think I may drop by the Mission Campus on Tuesday and make a few inquiries.  I have also put out my feelers to a few people who I know that are in the field.

Did I really look at a CPA site today?

Not just one site, I probably looked at five.  The idea is still really a foreign concept and seems to be a direct paradox of what I do and how I have been in the world until now.  On the other hand, it makes great sense.

Greta was right about how I am diligent.  I already have had it commented on at work that I document everything.  It is how I make sure to not make a mistake.  Oh, I still make mistakes, don’t get me wrong, I am nowhere near perfect, but I try really hard to keep my errors to a dull roar.

The irony of looking at an accounting degree or even book-keeping and having dyslexia with numbers is not beyond me, but frankly, I have heard of stranger things.

And what if I just check it out?  I have applied to a number of different writing programs.  Nobody wants me.  I have submitted lots of work.  Nobody wants to publish me.

That is not to say that it won’t happen. It will.  But instead of sitting idly by waiting for my career to coalesce and working yet another somewhat menial labor day job, why not develop some skills that could lead to a profitable career?

It cannot hurt to investigate, despite the idea being relatively hilarious to me that I would even have an interest in this line of work.  I mean mom always wanted me to grow up to be a lawyer or a doctor or some such thing.

I don’t hear of many parents saying, jeez, I sure wish my kid would grow up to be an accountant.

Yet, there is something there to check out.  I don’t know why, why is not a spiritual question, Martines, but it does, it does, merit further investigation.

I can say this much, it holds much more interest to me than being a nanny again.  There is something immutable about numbers.  Despite not seeing them very well, I do know how they are supposed to work.  I want to find out if I could be good at this.

I want to pursue something that I could use to buy a house or plan for retirement.  I like the idea too of being useful at what I do.  Learning more about Quick Books is going to help me be better at my current job.  As I don’t know how long I will be at my current job.

Because if I don’t get health care and a decent cost of living incentive through them within this next year, it probably will not be very long.

That being said, I can utilize the experience of working there and learn, learn, learn.  Remind myself that this will not be the last job I have in my life.

Show up, be of service and pass on my experience.

What cracks me up is how many people talk to me about bikes now.  And look at me like I am some sort of expert.  I guess, when it comes down to it, I do know more than the average person off the street, but I am no expert.

It is nice to see how far I have come.  All I have to do is look on the wall–see how far I have come since that awful hybrid I started out on five years ago.

My bike rack has been installed!

Thomas and his room-mate James swung by and installed it this afternoon.  Now my bike is out-of-the-way, so to speak and I have a little more room in my room.  And it is damn pretty to see hanging on the wall like some glorious piece of art.

I am a little protective of my ride and I am very glad to have a secure safe spot indoors for it.

I have also taken note that it is a nice conversation starter.  This afternoon I met a fellow from Marin who works at Mikes Bikes and I got the low down on riding a fixed gear.

There was a time and a place where the thought of riding a fixed was just craziness.  Now, just like the thoughts of being an accountant, maybe it’s not so far-fetched.

Maybe I don’t know my own limitations.  Maybe I think I can’t do something, and I actually can.

Tattooed dragon, accountant, girl.

That’s one for the books.

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