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All Packed And Ready To Go

September 4, 2014


I know, I just got back last night and unpacked from my 19 day sojourn in the desert.

But I fly out tomorrow to New York for the weekend.

My first time to New York.

Kind of excited.

Just a little.

It seems surreal, New York seems more of a dream than Burning Man, less real to me than the craziness that I attend every year for the past seven years.

I have been to Burning Man 8 times.

New York, never.

That, however, shall be rectified tomorrow.

I am determined to go and not be worried or anxious or wonder what’s going to happen with work or not work or money or school or any of it.

I got a message from the family that I thought I would be working for full-time, who told me right before I left for the event that they could only use me three days a week, and now, a sudden new message in my in box that they have met some financial hurdles and we need to talk.



No we don’t.


I mean.

I will, I’ll call them tomorrow on the way to the airport, I want to have it dealt with.

But I do not need to have some in-depth processing kind of conversation.

Just tell it to me straight and move on.

I have.

I just sent out a resume and references to a family that was referred to me while I was away, thanks you, you know who you are, the family needs 40-50 hours a week and actually have older, for me anyway, boys than I typically start with.

The job seems a good fit for me though, a two-year old and a four-year old, in the Mission on Lexington Street.

I know that neighborhood well and they want a year commitment, which could dovetail very nicely with my intention to go to graduate school next fall.

They also want to pay me over the table.

Which at first I was not interested in, then, I realized, hey, if I am going to get any kind of financial aid from the school I am interested in, I might need to show income that I have been paying taxes on.

I certainly don’t have $25,000 lying around for the first year’s tuition, and that’s the first year, the cost of the program is going to be around $50,000 give or take a few thousand.

Probably give.

So, I will need to apply to financial aid, unless I have some secret fount of money incoming that I am not aware of.

Or a very generous patron/ess.

So, I got proactive, which this whole day as been about, and sent the mom an e-mail introducing myself and attached my resume to it and also my three letters of reference.

Which reminds me I need to gently remind the three moms that have said they would write me references, to please do so.

Not that the letters I already have won’t do the trick, they are glowing, but, they will just be more up to date with my current experience.

I also, speaking of taking action, have created an account at CIIS, and have received a phone call and an e-mail from their admissions department.

No better time than the present to act.

I thought about returning the call, but I was not as present minded as I want to be when I call back.

I still am a little playa brain fried.

Not too bad, all things considered, but just a little off my game.

I am not as frazzled as I have been in the past, but it’s taken me a bit to settle back down into my life here, out by the sea (I just read that during my edit and broke out laughing, I have been back 23.5 hours and it’s taking me some time to adjust, baha, boy do I have some high expectations of myself).

Another shower tomorrow and I will be ready to return the call to the admissions department and see about setting up a time to go in and meet with them and see what they have to offer and whether it makes sense for me to apply to the school.

I will see if perhaps I can go in next Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.

I won’t have work.


Found that out too.

Not working those three days next week.

Misunderstanding regarding scheduling and no Cole Valley action for me.

I just have two days next week, not even full-time, with my little girl Thursday, as she adjusts to her new pre-school schedule.

But as I mentioned.


It doesn’t serve and I don’t want to go to New York worried about what’s going to happen.

Because, I already know what’s going to happen.

I will be taken care of, just like I always am.

Sure, it feels a little uncomfortable, but what ever.

I got paid for my time in the desert so I have a tiny reserve and I just sent my friend the scooter payment for the month.  I refuse to let my financial insecurity wreck my time in New York.

Besides, I’m only going for 72 hours.

It’s not like I can do that much damage.

Maybe in the past, but not today.

I’m actually looking at my messenger bag with some fondness, for it’s all I am taking, plus my purse, and it already is 3/4s packed.

I can travel pretty damn light and I am a tiny bit proud of having broke down my travel needs so small.  I have what I need, a few changes of clothes (fortunately it’s still warm), a pair of sandals (low heeled, I promise, I am not going to go bonkers like a crazy fashionista just because it’s New York and where sky-high heels–my ankle’s still got some healing to do) for the dinner reservation my friend made for Saturday night, my toiletries, my laptop, and my camera.

Hell, I even rode my bicycle to Noriega Produce to make sure that I would have some airline food I could palate.

Yes, you read that correctly!

I rode my bicycle for the first time since the accident three months ago.

Not very far and it felt a little weird, but I did it.

Things are falling into place.

And I am going to go have some fucking fun.

Screw the worry.

Damn the financial insecurity.

New York here I come.




Don’t Panic!

February 14, 2014

Or panic.

But whatever you do.

Don’t panic.

Or sit on the side lines and watch self panic and giggle.

Then go to the End Up and dance your ass off.

Last night as I was finishing up my soup blog I received a text that immediately precipitated a “I’m going to panic at any moment.” episode of anxiety.

I frantically spooned soup into Mason jars and thought, “oh, dear Lord, what am I going to do?”

Death in the family?


Lost a job?


The tax man cometh?


STD results positive.


None of the above, and probably not what any human being with half a, sane, brain, would deem as panic worthy.

What happened was that I was informed that my services as a nanny would not be needed for the rest of the week and until next Thursday I am off.

Like six days.

Like oh my fucking god, what the fuck do I do?


“Honey,” he said with a gruff chuckle, “that’s what you do, you are so used to panicking that you just go straight there.  Why don’t you just tell the kid, to shut up and let you take care of it.”

The kid, being me, the panicked little girl who is afraid that she is going to be homeless without work and a steady stream of it happening right now.

Suffice to say that after getting paid today I have rent for March set aside and I have a few ducats in savings.

In addition to that, I spent a good portion of yesterday after I worked a 9 hour shift, did the deal, and blogged a post of over 1200 words, I cooked up enough soup to last me through the millenia, I’m not running out of food any time soon.

Or at least until next Thursday when I go back to work.


Panic strikes.

Partially because I dont’ know what to do with all that time.

Also, there’s a part of me that equates time off with spending money.

Which makes complete sense, as that’s when I have the time to run errands.

Six days off, may completely break my bank, is what my brain tells me.

Truth is, I am ok.

Oh, I could be better and there’s always more work to be done.


“Why don’t you try to have some fun,” John Ater said to me.





Here we go.

Impromptu dance party with a friend I don’t often see as he’s in school and I am in work most the days we could hang out.  He saw my post about this time off and said, let’s have coffee and tiny dance party at your house.


Down with that.

He just left.


I actually got the text from the land lord to simmer down.


Can’t remember the last time that happen.

But it is a school night and we were being boisterous.

My friend co-opted my OkCupid profile and made it more “approachable” and he said I had to give it the 48 hour test, not touch the changes he made, there is one that I want to, but the rest are actually pretty damn good upgrades to what I had written.

But it was hilarious and hey, wait a second I am having fun and I don’t have to wake up at 7 a.m.


Of course, I did boot my friend so that I could do my blog post and wind down for the evening.  He joked that he expects I will be up at 6:30a.m.


Maybe 7 a.m. though.

It’s hard to get my body out of that mode when I am used to getting up at 7a.m.

I actually pre-wake before my alarm and look at the light in the sky, I can generally tell if it’s worth while to get up, the alarm is imminent and I don’t want to hear it, or if I can still snatch a few more minutes of sleep.

I said, “Shaddup, I won’t go to bed until midnight.”

I had to shush him laughing at me.


Up so late.

I will however, be getting up at a decent hour so that I can shower and clean my place and have things tidy and neat since I am meeting a girlfriend for lunch and then I am getting my massage that I have had booked five weeks ago in.

After which a little meet up with Mister Ater and some fellowship up in the Haight neighborhood.

I have the same Saturday plans as always with a speaking engagement thrown into the afternoon, but come Sunday, I am dancing.

I am, indeed, going to the End Up.

I had a friend text me a week ago about it being a holiday on Monday and we should go out dancing at the End Up.

I declined, I have to work that Monday, I said.

But then one family decided to go out-of-town to visit family and then the other family had an unexpected schedule change pulling them out-of-town too.

And holy shit, I can go dancing at the End Up on a Sunday night before the holiday on Monday.

It is going to be some hot ass people watching, puhleeze, three-day weekend in San Francisco with Monday off?  The End Up will be full on cray cray.

Should be some fun in that.

I will be sleeping in Monday.

Hey y’all who wants to come dance with me Sunday night?

Let’s do it.

Monday got nothing planned.

Tuesday a friend and I will kick it, and he’s the one selling me the scooter, so I will probably be doing all things scooter and having some coffee and catch up.

Wednesday evening I take the course, the classroom part, anyhow for the Motor Cycle Safety class.

Then Thursday back to work.

That’s a lot of down time and not a lot of down time already.

I have stuff happening and I know enough to realize that something is shifting in my world and to go with it instead of freak out and panic.

I will be new places and have new opportunities just from a little shake up in my schedule.

This could be great fun.

Let’s not panic and have a blast.

Who’s in?


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