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OH Wow

August 14, 2013

That’s even longer than I thought.

I sat and talked out some more logistics with the families today, three days until I leave.


Mostly I just wanted to get a sense of when I was going to be coming back to the city so that I could also juggle some arranging of moving out to the studio.

You know, like I really need something else to occupy my time with.

Jesus lord.

And a side bar I may or may not get back to, cute flirt from Paris Skype days sent me a message, hey, I’m in town until Saturday, would love to see you.

Hey, could you have given me a forewarning?

Maybe I would have cleared out some time.

You should have seen the wheels click clack turning in my brain when I was on BART heading back to Oakland, you’re in the city?

Damn it man.

Can I get laid before I leave for Burning Man?

And maybe there was a reason I bought a new vibrator today.



Too much information, but it’s true.

How in the world can I squeeze in a date before I leave?


When it rains it pours, what else can we squeeze in?

And the thing is, I would totally go to work, head to playa, traffic all my stuff here and there and to gladly make out with this man, hands down, I don’t mind the sleep deprivation, it’s been too long, damn it Janet.


This blog, already out in space, already off track.



Yeah, that’s right, I was realizing how long I am going to be out on playa.

I know they said three weeks, but I don’t think my brain was registering it despite my mouth saying it.

Mom told me today that there’s not a hard and fast set day they are leaving, but it’s most likely the Friday after the event.


That means the 6th.

Then another over night stay in Reno to hose off the dust before hauling it back to San Francisco.

I won’t land in SF until the 7th or the 8th, possibly.

I’m going to need a day or two to get my wits back together.

Then I will be moving out to the in-law.

I can’t even fathom how that is all going to suss out.

Thing is, it doesn’t matter.

Nothing really matters right now.

Just getting the blog up and posted and having a little wind me down snack and a cup of tea.

That and a late sleep in.

I don’t have to be at work until 2 p.m. tomorrow afternoon.

That is nice.

Today I left for work, in Cole Valley, at 7:40 a.m.

I got back from work at 10:50 p.m.

That is a long day.

Three charges.

Fortunately for me they all had naps.

They all staggered them as well.

Sometimes that sucks, as you don’t get the opportunity to sit down on your own and rest, but today, it just all really flowed smoothly.

Even when my little girl got dropped off and she was having a really hard time, way past her sleep time, way late nap and way over tired.

Over tired has to be the worst.

Maybe over tired and teething.

There was some sobbing.

Not crying.


Which caused the youngest baby some distress and he started to sympathy wail.

Two howling babies, one baby napping.


Run for your life.

I hustled them upstairs to make sure that there was quiet space between the screams and wails so that the other would not wake up.

I managed to get situated in the upstairs nursery and get out some books, fyi, if you’ve got a kid’s gift to get, grab the book “Grumpy Bird” freaking awesome.

We snuggle down into the chair, the baby on a throw blanket on the floor, my little girl in my lap, we read four books, I sang her a lullaby, we fed her baby (she got a new baby doll, so cute!) and I snuggled her to sleep.

Then off to warm the bottle and do the same for the youngest.

Who, unfortunately, was then off his game, but oh well.

With two down, one was not so hard to manage, and he’s the easiest in some ways as he does not move yet.


But man, he is close, he’s so close to crawling, and when crawling happens, all bets are off.

And everything is open for little baby paws to get into.

He’ll be crawling by Burning Man.

I realized saying good-bye to the mom today that I wouldn’t see her until I was at the event.

That was spooky.

It still feels really far away.

Even though it is so close I can taste the dusty.

I have a friend who I met in Paris get a hold of me who is trying to get out there, I may have found him a ticket, or at least I introduced him to someone, via Facecrack, that has one with a camp I first went out with, Stella.

My first Burning Man camp.

They are actually camped pretty darn close to me this year, or I to them, they’re in the same place, I’m the one who’s going to be moving.


And in case you get out there and want to see me I will be camped at 8:45 and C, behind Artica near the main Ranger station in the 9 o’clock keyhole.

That’s gobbedly gook for most of you, but the ones who know, you know.

Otherwise I will be making my way pretty daily over to Anonymous Village at 8p.m.

I hear there may be some impromptu fellow shipping happening in that neighborhood pre-event.


Time to go watch So You Think You Can Dance.

And check my messages for possible coffee dates.

Like I got the time.

But you know I’ll make the time.

Yes I will.

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