Uh no.

But then again.

Yeah, kind of.


I was just in a Uber coming home trying to describe to my driver, English is his second language, what I do for a living.

He was curious, many drivers are, when they pick me up from work, they make assumptions that I live in the house, but obviously, I am not the account holder, that’s the dad.

It was pretty much decided, unanimously, between the mom, the dad, and I, that I would not be riding my bicycle home.

The storm hit about a half hour before my shift was done.

There appeared to be a window this evening when I might have made it home on my bicycle, but that rapidly closed when I noticed the rain starting to fall, then down pour, then yes, that’s correct.




Not riding my bicycle home through a hail storm.

Then lighting and thunder.

“You’ll take an Uber,” the dad said, “I’ll call for you.”

Thanks man.

I left my bicycle in the garage.

I’ll figure out how to get to work on Monday, well, on Monday.

Probably a car right back.


I might do a car tomorrow or possibly Sunday.

The weather is supposed to clear by tomorrow at 6 a.m.

I’ll be up at at it early, 6:30 a.m.

If the rain passes I will take the scooter.

It will still be slick, so I will have to be very careful, but I won’t have to cross any MUNI tracks on my way into class.

If the weather is still nasty and cold and rainy, I’ll just bite the bullet and call a car.

Taking the MUNI train in is also an option, but it would be morning rush commute down town, I’m not sure how long I would have to budget for it and I am rather more willing to pay the cost of taking in a car than arriving late.



I was grateful to get the ride home and the conversation with the driver was funny, although I am not certain he was trying for humor.

Rather just communication.

He asked after a rather long pause what I did for work.

“Private nanny,” I said, “I work for the family that lives at that house.”

He didn’t understand the word for nanny.

“Babysitter, household manager, teacher, governess, play mate, laundress, cleaner, cook, errand runner, girl Friday” I was running out of things to say that made sense.

He interjected.


I laughed.



But yeah, kind of.

It reminded me of my mom coming over to my house in Madison when I lived on E. Dayton Street, and she was helping with with something,  I think I was moving and trying to clean and organize.

I was also in school and working full time the Angelic Brewing Company.


Studying/training to get my black belt in Shaolin Kempo Karate.



Busy even then.

Story of my life.

We had pulled out the fridge in the kitchen to clean behind it and my mom made a face, there was years of cat fur accumulated behind the appliance.

“You need a wife!” My mom said with authority.

I don’t know about that, I’m partial to men.


I know my mom’s point.

A busy person can always use a hand with stuff.

So far, however, I’ve been the busy person who is also the busy person’s helper.

I’m organized, efficient, smart, capable.

I get shit done.

Like a friend said a few weeks back, want something done?  Give it to a busy person to do.

True that.

This busy person had a good full day of it too.

I got up early, showered, did the deal, had some breakfast, prepped my bicycle, wrote for a while, then I practiced my final project presentation and timed it.

I’ve got it pretty down.

Happy about that.

Tomorrow I’m going to print it off at school.

I had a friend offer to print it off at her job, but then I found out there’s a computer lab at the school, I will check there first and see if I can handle it without having to lean on my very busy friend.

Who also has her own final project presentation to be concerned about.

I also tidied up the house a bit so I wouldn’t have to worry about it this weekend and then off to work.

Work was busy.

In a very good way, as it made the day pass and I’m always down for that.

Especially when the weather was ick all day long.

The boys stayed in, despite trying to lure them out they wouldn’t budge and I gave up pretty quick, fair enough to stay inside and read and play with magnet tiles and trains and help cook with me.

I have two little sous chefs who love helping in the kitchen.

They are adorable, although sometimes a bit too eager to help, fingers going here and there and messes happening pretty quickly.

At one point I had to take them both outside, a break in the rain luckily happening, and pat them down, poufs of flour fluttering up in the air.

I made homemade pizza.

I did not make the dough, but I did go to the Lucca Ravioli and buy all the stuff to assemble the pizzas–pepperoni, sauce, cheese, pizza dough–and to the corner market for mushrooms and spinach.

I made five pizzas today!

Plus roasted marinated chicken thighs and garlic brown butter roasted brussels sprouts.

And smoothies.

The family just got a new Vitamix.

In the last three days I have made four different kinds of smoothies and one gigantic batch of pureed broccoli soup (the mom loves my broccoli soup), one big container into the freezer for the family when I am away at school this weekend.

I do sound like a housewife!

And in a way, I wouldn’t mind being one.

I like domestic things, especially cooking.


I also would have to be many other things too.

Writer, blogger, poet, lover, world traveler.

And probably many, many, many other things too.

I have many facets to my nature.

Just because I am naturally a caretaker doesn’t mean I don’t get to caretake myself too.

Which to my own credit, I have done well today.

My lunch and dinner are packed for tomorrow, my books, notebooks, and school effluvia are all set aside and ready.

My alarm clock is set.

Here we go!

Last weekend of my first semester of graduate school!



Maybe some day I’ll have a partner.

In crime.

But this weekend.

Even though I may be up for an offer.


I am more than happy to wife for myself.



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